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What is Resin Surfacing?

A Resin bound driveway, path or patio is laid with stone, pebbles, aggregates that is bound together with a Resin. This gives a smooth, but textured finish to the surface, because the gravel or stone is bound with resin, there is no mess and gives a high class finish whilst adding kerb appeal to your property.

What are the benefits of Resin Bound Surfacing?

There are number of benefits you get with a resin bound surface. Resin looks stunning, far more visually appealing than black tarmac or grey concrete.  Resin last longer than alternative driveway surfaces like tarmac or concrete. Resin complies with the latest SUDS (Sustainable Drainage) regulations, Resin is weed resistant and puddle free making resin bound surfaces the safest option for domestic and commercial use.

How much does a resin bound surface cost?

The cost varies due to different factors, the area covered and also the base the resin bound surface is to be laid on. Different colours and designs can also affect the price. This is why we offer a free no obligations quote. To request a visit please Call 07502348159 / 07767072713 or email

How long before the surface can be used?

Your new surface should be left for 6 hours before being walked on and 24 hours before driving on.

How do I keep my Resin surface clean?

A resin surface can be cleaned with a pressure washer or with soapy water. Bonded resin surfaces are more stain resistant too which means less to clean in the first place. Unlike with tarmac or concrete which require strong chemical cleaners to clean away dirt and stains.

How long will my Resin Surface last?

Potential applications will last a lifetime; obviously surfaces with heavy traffic will degrade more quickly.  We offer a 10 year guarantee for driveways (with traffic which complies with current weight ratings, tight turning circles and repeated sharp turns will compromise any resin surface) and longer for paths and patio’s.

If you would like a free quote:

Either call or email and we’ll contact you to arrange a day and time that suits best. We’ll then discuss your project, measure up and identify what preparation work needs to be carried out by ourselves to be able to lay the resin, surface.
You can call us on 07502348159 / 07767072713 or email

resin bound surfacing enquiries

Telephone: 07502348159 or 07767072713 or email here