The Resinator Suffolk Ltd | Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. For The Resinator (Suffolk) Ltd to proceed with any work, we require all clients to agree in writing and agree with all Ts and Cs of which this will form the basis of our work contract.

2. Our prices are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of the quote, subject to 3rd party price freezes/increases/decreases.

3. On receipt of the written confirmation we will contact you to confirm a start date.

4. A deposit must be received no later than 7 days prior to start date.

5. Balance payment terms are strictly 10 days from date of invoice. The invoice will be issued on completion of these works.

6. A contract will exist once the deposit is received.

7. Due to the nature of our business, confirmed dates for work may change. In the unlikely event of this happening, we will give you as much notice as possible.

8. All work is not guaranteed for oil and chemical spillage or inappropriate use. Due to the nature of patch works, this is also not guaranteed.

9. The Resinator (suffolk) Limited will not be held responsible for weed growth from underlying surfaces unless we have undertaken full construction. Weed control on existing surface is down to the client to have suitably treated the surface prior to our commencement of works.

10. Please note work will not be guaranteed by The Resinator (suffolk) Limited for any cracking or subsidence in the underlying surfaces if it has not been prepared by us. If we do not carry out the groundwork, we will not be held responsible for standing water issues.

11. If our quotation is priced off a plan, information supplied or the site is prepared by others, then it will be subject to a measurement either prior to commencement of works or after works are completed. Our quotation will then be subject to price change according to correct measurements.

12. Although every care is taken in our initial surveys there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, usually below ground and although rare, The Resinator (suffolk) Limited reserves the right to review the contract and associated costs.

13. The Resinator (suffolk) limited reserve the right to revise our quotations at any point during the course of works if specifications change from our original quotations.

14. Please be aware all aggregates are natural products and can vary throughout batches. The nature of the materials and processes used, make it unavoidable that apparent variation in texture and colour of the surface material may occur. Whilst every possible care will be taken, the company cannot guarantee colour and texture matching closer than those inherent to the materials and processes used. Once the surface is laid over a period of time it will lose its shine and give a natural, matt stone finish. The texture of finish may vary and working marks may also be visible under light at obscure angles. We endeavour to provide a seamless finish to the surface, however this is not always possible. In such circumstances a joining or expansion strip may required.

15. Without prejudice to any remedies that the company might have in the cancellation of an order by the purchaser, the company reserves the right to recover such costs that have occurred, however incurred.

16. The Resinator (suffolk) Limited shall not be held responsible for the minor departures from the contract specifications or drawings made necessary by site conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

17. The Resinator (suffolk) Limited will endeavour to make the new surface as level as practically possible. A tolerance of a minimum of 18mm per m² is allowed.

18. In addition to its statutory obligations, The Resinator (suffolk) Limited, warrants a 10 year period on completion of the contract and will make good, free of charge, any defects which are due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided the facility is treated with reasonable care and any maintenance instructions have been adhered to. Written notice of any claim against this warranty must be received within 14 days of the warranty period.

19. The Resinator (suffolk) Limited cannot be held responsible for the on-going structural or matrix condition of existing surfaces, or new surfaces laid by others, onto which its resin bound coating is applied.

20. It is the responsibility of the client to inform The Resinator (suffolk) Limited of any existing and unwanted pooling prior to the application of the specialist resin coating. Whilst every effort will be taken to remove any reported pooling, The Resinator (suffolk) Limited can accept no responsibility for standing water or other drainage issues on existing surfaces or new surfaces laid by others.

21. The above guarantee does not cover sub-surface issues unless the underlying substrate was constructed and installed by The Resinator (suffolk) Limited.

22. It is important to note that the resin bound system is only suitable for use where the maximum weight of a vehicle using the surface does not exceed 7.5 tonnes and as such, the warranty will not extend to such circumstances.

23. The guarantee does not cover the following: -
Damage caused by forceful impact, point loading (inc. high heels), other mechanical damage and excessive usage.
Damage caused by reflective cracking or subsequent damage caused by reflective damage from the underlying base.
Damage caused by stones in tyres or dry steering.
Damage or staining caused by chemicals, solvents (general external agents).
Damage caused by repairs made to, or adjacent to, the surface or underlying structural layers.
A decrease in permeability caused by ingress of dirt, fine materials or other causes.
Mineralogical variations (this includes rust spotting) in the aggregate, which have an effect on its aesthetical or, physical or mechanical properties.
Damage as tree roots and deformation of any under laying structural layers or sink-age. Whilst resin bound surfacing is porous, it is only as porous as the natural soils will allow and in some circumstances will puddle for a short until it is allowed to disburse.
Hairline fractures may occur in very infrequent cases. This does not affect the overall performance of the surface and cannot be regarded as a defect. Any severe cracking forming within the surface will be mass filled by the company.
The nature of the materials and processes used make it unavoidable that apparent variation in texture and colour of the surface material may occur. Whilst every possible care will be exercised, the company cannot guarantee colour and texture matching closer to tolerances than those inherent in the materials and processes used. Once the surface is laid over a period of time it will lose its shine and give you a natural, matte stone finish.

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